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Vertias et Aéquitas!

To Enjoy A Life Of Freedom, You're Going To Have To Eliminate Any Fear Of Calling Bureaucratic BS What It Is. Slavery.

I'm No-Body's Slave Anymore. Are You?

Every Single Aspect Of How You Interact With The Government Is A Dishonorable Adhesion Contract That Wasn't Disclosed To You, And They Are Tricking You In A Fraud That You Are Unknowingly Consenting To Every Single Day.

How They Get Away With It? 

Consensus Facit Legum. Consent Makes The Law.

"A Contract Is A Law Between The Parties, Which Can Acquire Force Only By Consent."

It's Simply A Paperwork Process To Rescind, Reverse, And Annul, And It Works. 

Imagine If:

  • You Could Go Back In Time As Far As You Can Remember, And Your Parents Never Vaccinated You So That You Could Be Registered For Public School. 
  • You Start Your First Job And You Get You Start Your First Job And Keep Your Entire Paycheck Instead Of Doing What EVERYONE Else Does...Volunteer To Pay The IRS When You Don't Qualify As A Taxpayer.
  • You Started Driving At 14, 15, or 16, With Your Parents Permission, And Never “Applied” For A Driver's License, Thus Voluntarily Putting Yourself Into The Jurisdiction Of The Policy Revenue Offiicers So That You Had To Obey Arbitrary Rules, Codes, And Statutes And Be Charged For Your Right To Travel. 

A License For Anythying Is Just Permission To Do Something Illegal.  It's "Illegal" To Them Until You Pay Them! The Only Thing That Changed Was Putting Money In The Government's Pocket.

What If:

  • You get married, but without the so called mandatory marriage license enjoining you with state so that everything you earn and own in the future is at risk buy a judge you’ve never met.
  • All Parents Had No Fear Of CPS Invading Their Lives And Putting Their Children At Risk To Be Abused, Neglected, Or Worse, Sex Trafficked. 
  • You Own Your Own Business Wihtout Any Government Entity Claiming You Need An LLC, A Business License, Or Have To Pay Corporate Taxes.
  • With All The Money You Get To Keep Because You've Lived Your Life As A Sovereign, And You Will Be Fully Confident That The Wealth You've Created To Bequeath To Your Family Will Be Safe And Securely Handed Down To Them. 
  • You Buy Your Dream Car, And The Loan Is Paid Before The First Payment Is Due.
  • You Purchase Your Marital Home, And The Mortgage Has Been Paid In Full As Soon As You Move In.  

Clause Schwab, The Head Of The WEF, Claims That You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy. 

They Already Own Everything That Is Yours, Through Your Own Voluntary Public Registration. There Is No Law That You Have To Register Anything Ever With The Government.

Kick Clause Schwab To The Curb!

When Assessing How To Live Your Life Free Of Government Interference, You Might Be Thinking...

"Ok, How Do I Do All Of This?"

It's Not So Much As To What You Do, But What You Don't Do.

Don't Do What Everyone Else Has Always Done! You're Not A Sheep!

Why Should You Join My University?

In 2006, I Learned That No Courts Had Authority Over Me And I Won My First Traffic Ticket Victory By Taking My Day In Court Representing Myself Pro Se. 

I Never Go To Court, And The Court Clerks Literally Return My Paperwork To Me Stating That My Citations Are Not In The System Despite The Actual Citations Being Stapled To My Paperwork. 

Hmm. Why Not? 

Because They're Not Lawful And I Challenged Their Authority To Govern Me! That's Winning Folks! 

I Have Ten Personal Victories So Far. 

Every Government Office/Agency Is A Private Corporation That Has To Contract With You In Full Disclosure And With Your Consent To Have Authority Over You. 

Leave The IRS, DMV, Property Taxes, And The Theft Of Your Hard Earned Money.


You May Have Found Me From My Two Years Of State National Information On Social Media, But I Came To See That....

There Is Something Better Than The "State National" Status.

As A Living Flesh And Blood Being, You Can Choose How You Define Your Political Status As A Foreign National; One Who Is Foreign To The Jurisdiction Of The UNITED STATES As In Washington DC.

You Can Refer To USC 8 1101-21 To Play On The Game Board, But You Also Need No Definition. 

You Can Be A Mickey Mouse National If That's What You Want!

What Are We Teaching Inside Here?

How To Establish Your Status As A Private Civilian Foreign National.

Why? Because It Makes Life Much Easier!

My Star Instructor Is A Non-BAR Card Law School Graduate Genius With Expertise In UCC & Banking Law.

In Only 3-4 Weeks, You'll Have The Confidence To Start The Process To Remove Your Government Contracts.

My Members Are Getting It Done And Exercising Their Rights With Superstar Confidence.

I Will Not Waste Your Time.

"Cost Is The Enemy Of The Poor Man, So The Poor Try To Save Money. Time Is The Enemy Of The Rich Man, So The Rich Try To Save Time."

My Platform Has Been Designed For The Busy Professional Who Values Their Time And Wants The Information Delivered In Digestible, Easily Searchable, Step-By-Step Instructions Mapped Out, ON DEMAND...SO YOU ARE NOT WASTING YOUR TIME.


Your Questions Are Answered Directly And Quickly Via Zoom, The Community Feed, By Our Expert Instructors.

This Platform Is On A Cell Phone App In The Palm Of Your Hand, Tablet, Or Computer For Efficiency. 

Study Wherever You Go!

You Will Get Your Questions Answered Quickly By Real People, Not Anonymous Nobodies.

Is This That Sovereign Citizen Stuff? 

No. Not A Drop. That's A Term Made Up To Intimidate You, & Scare You Away From Learning How To Stand For Your Rights. Our Curriculum Will Give You That Confidence. 

Sovereigns are the Kings & Queens of their own lives. This doesn't make one anti-governement. It means the end of government overreach in our lives. 

You'll Be Amazed At How THEY SERVE YOU When You Know What You're Talking About.

See More Videos Like This On Our Rumble Show.

Learn Freedom University Is Trusted By Hundreds Of Members!

What Results Will You Get?

An Understanding Of Freedom That You've Never Had In Your Entire Life That Will Give You The Confidence To Walk The World Differently And Be In Control Of Your Future.

  • Your Paradigm About Authority Will Completely Change
  • When Your Paradigm Changes, So Will Your Actions.
  • You Will No Longer Ask The Government For Permission To Live.
  • You Will Keep All Of Your Hard Earned Money!

Why Do We Cost More Than Other Member's Areas? 

  • Because We Have It All.  
  • Because This Information Has Been Vetted And Put Into Practice For Over 25 Years.
  • Because We Are VERY Organized. 
  • We'll Take You Step By Step On A Logical Path Of Learning Up The Ladder So That You Actually Learn And Receive Value.
  • Stop Taking Advice From Broke People Who Are Not Living The Life You Desire.

Our Value Is Like No Other Member's Area.

You Will Never Be Alone In This Journey. We Have A Blast Together! It's Like Facebook For Freedom! There's Always Someone Else Online To Chat With For Support.

What We're Looking For Inside LSU.

  • People Who Want To Be Free From Government Harassment And Interference.
  • People With The Courage To Stand For And Exercise Their Rights.
  • People Who Are Ready To Change Their Lives By Taking Real Action.
  • People Who Operate In Honor.

Application To The University Requires A Brief Questionnaire To Be Filled Out For Approval.

  1. You will have to enter a credit card today but you will not be charged for 72 hours and you WILL BE sent and email before the charge asking if you want to BE charged and stay in the member's area. 
  2. If you enter a fake CC#, you will not be authorized to enter by the system.
  3. You will be sent an email a week before being charged every single month, so it's very simple to cancel whenever you like. 
  4. We operate in honor 100% and expect the same of you.

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