State National University
State National University
Gianna Miceli

State National University

Become A State National 90 Days Or Less. Learn How To Claim Your Minor Estate. David Straight Info.

What is State National University?

I Teach The David Straight Process To Becoming A State National Properly.

Why Should You Join?

Most people are interested in this due to some government infringement in their lives that's just the tip of the iceberg as to how much the government is overreaching and tricking you into being CONTROLLED by their whims, outside of your God given rights, and putting your auto, home, children, livelihood, and wealth at risk.

In the micro picture, we teach you how to live inside and outside the corporate government construct as YOU desire and to YOUR advantage, all lawfully.

In the macro picture, the more people who stand up for their rights, the easier it will be to restore the Republic and collapse the corporations that only ACT as government entities.

You will learn the many ways they trick you into being under their jurisdiction, and thus, the whims of the administrative state that is not actually government.

We like to say, that you become UN-F*CKABLE with.

You will find David's classes online for free, and telegram groups that help, but they are not organized, not structured, and not able to get you the RIGHT answers to your questions in a timely manner, and right to your cell phone. Usually within 24 hours.


We have the training, paperwork, and step by step process to take you as far as you would like in the State National Process in an organized online course that works kind of like a Facebook group without Facebook censorship.

* The 3 Juris-dictions of real LAW you need to know to protect yourself
* Political status and standing to exit the debt slave system
* Discover and escape the matrix they created that you're not even aware you're chained to
* Putting government back in the their box by showing them what is law
* Questions answered correctly and timely and to your phone

All the paperwork required so that you can get your passport to freedom!

A non US citizen passport with limited diplomatic immunity!

You'll be as free as the day you were born!!

* How to STAND once you have corrected status for instance, what if you get pulled over, or a traffic ticket, or even a ticket for your dog rabies vaccination
* How to lawfully minimize taxes and fees that will blow your mind
* Direction given on next steps needed on your path to claiming your minor estate

How to rescind all the government contract you had no idea were contracts!

I hope you stand on truth and knowledge. 

Water is the VESSEL.  

Land is the man or woman.  

Air is the estate .  

The man takes control of the vessel on the water and places it in trust of the air and controls all from the land.   

You are protected by tyrants when  ALL THREE JURIS of law are owned BY YOU!

* PLUS so much more!!!!

Plus***The actual letter templates to handle government interference that are effective.

You Have a Three-Day Free Trial To Look Around And Then This Is A Monthly Subscription For $50 For As Long As You Desire To Stay.

What we teach is powerful once one knows how to use it.


25+ Hours of Class On Video

All The Paperwork Necessary To Take You To The Passport Process Through Claiming Your Minor Estate

Sample Affidavit Letters To Hold YOUR Court To The Civil Servants For Tickets, Citations, Etc.

Weekly Zoom Live To Get Your Questions Answered

No More Telegram Group Nonsense Making This Complicated

Save Yourself Wasted Time And Money With My 


That You'll Want Every One Of Your Friends To Do This With You.

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