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I'm No-Body's Slave.

I Am Gianna Miceli, And I Created The Legal Fockery University And Named It Such Because Every Single Aspect Of How You Interact With The Government Is Dishonorable And They Are Tricking You And Focking You In A Fraud That You Are Unknowingly Consenting To.

Did You Know You Were Civiliter Mortuus? That's How They Get Away With It.

This Platform Began As "State National University", But We Have Learned More Impactful Information About A Status That Takes Us To The Top Of The Ladder Of Individual Liberty, So I Renamed It "Legal Fockery" To Reflect The True Meaning Of The Problem We Solve Inside Here.

In 2006, I Learned That No Courts Had Authority Over Me And I Won My First Traffic Ticket Victory By Taking My Day In Court Representing Myself Pro Se. 

Now, Through My Paperwork Process, I Never Go To Court, And The Court Clerks Literally Return My Paperwork To Me Stating That My Citations Are Not In The System Despite The Actual Citations Being Stapled To My Paperwork. 

Hmm. Why Not? Because They're Not Lawful And I Challenged Their Authority To Govern Me! That's Winning Folks! I Have Eight Personal Victories So Far.

After Two Years Of Attending State National Classes, And Selling My Book At Seminars For Six Months, I Came To See This....

There Is Something Better Than The "State National" Status.

State National Training Lays A Great Foundation Of Education In How To See The Legal Fockery And Stand For Your Freedom But It Does Not Restore Your Constitutional Rights And None Of The State National Teachers Teach A Path To Claim Your Minor Estate As Promised.

State National Training Is The "Shake Em & Wake Em", Which Is What My Book Does. 

Do You Want The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth? 

Of Course You Do! 

Don't Look To The Telegram Channel Of David Straight Or Others To Hear It. That Channel Is Run By David's Unpaid Assistant Who Is Not Even A State National Who Offers AORs That Are Unenforceable. Don't Waste Your Money With Her. 

Since May of 2023, The State National Community Was Shown A Path That No Longer Requires Any Of The Paperwork Previously Taught By DLS, AVR, ASN Study Guide, SN.US, SN Rocks, Et All Others.

If You Have Recorded An AOR, ROE, Or Freedom Bundle Following The Usual State National Teachers, Your Paperwork Is Unenforceable. No So-Called State National ID Cards Have Any Meaning. The State National "Assemblies" Have No Meaning. But OK, You Woke Up. Now What?

Stop The Process Immediately. Join Us Inside To See What The Real Process Is To Restore Your Constitutional Rights.

The State National Process Does Not Prepare You For The Final Step.....Trust Enforcement. 

The Telegram Leaders Are Trying To Control The Distribution Of The New Information Dangling Future Classes In Front Of You Playing The Waiting Game.

My University Students Are Learning And Taking Action Steps Right Now!

"Cost Is The Enemy Of The Poor Man, So The Poor Try To Save Money. Time Is The Enemy Of The Rich Man, So The Rich Try To Save Time."

I Will Not Waste Your Time.

We Are Not On The King's Time Table. Um. No Thanks.

You Are Your Own King Or Queen!

Telegram Channels Are Not Designed To Provide An Organized Platform To Teach Or Learn From. You Only See Information Posted At The Time You Log On.

My Platform Has Been Designed For The Busy Professional Who Values Their Time And Wants The Information Delivered In Digestible, Easily Searchable, Step By Step-By-Step Instructions Mapped Out, ON DEMAND...SO YOU ARE NOT WASTING YOUR TIME.


Become Un-F*ckable With.

To Truly Become Un-F*ckAble With, The Legal Fockery University Has The Missing Step Of Trust Enforcment To Living "In The Private" as a CIVILIAN.

We Obtain The Evidence To Prove To The "World" That We Are No Longer Civiliter Mortuus Which Restores Our Constitutional Rights.

The Government Is Playing With Your Name Like A Casino On A Monopoly Board. 

You Need To Learn How To Play Your Piece Like They Do, To Your Advantage.

What Am I Teaching:

The Proper Name VS The Vessel Name Is "The Name Game".

  • Learn How to Claim Your Name
  • Navigate Government Doublespeak Lingo
  • Exercise Your Civil Liberties
  • Exercise Your Right To Travel
  • Take The Real Path To Probate, Not As A Higher Paid Slave Using Securities
  • Learn All About The Using The Treasury Direct As Your Account 
  • Learn How To Enforce Your Minor Estate Trust To Care For You For The Rest Of Your Life

Get Your Questions Answered Directly And Quickly.

There's A Cell Phone App In The Palm Of Your Hand, Tablet, Or Computer For Efficiency.

We Have Mini-Class BONUSES! 

We Have Live Zoom Support Calls Twice A Week, Q&A about The Process, And Support Through Any Confusion. These Are Our Niche Classes:

  • Learn Trust & Protection
  • Learn How To Find The Statutes For Your State To Secure Your Name Game
  • Learn How To Create Affidavits Of Correction To Enforce Your Name
  • Learn Traffic Ticket Rescission Templates, (As I Have Eight Victories Challenging Jurisdiction)
  • Learn How Important The USPS Is To Your Name & How To Use It Properly To Secure Your World.

This Is THE BEST Member's Training Platform & The Fastest Way Possible To Learn How To Advance From A Public Citizen To A Private Civilian. Become Way More Than A State National.

We Are A Family & Community Inside Here. Plan On Participating. 

Why Do We Cost More Than Others? 

  • Because We Have It All. 
  • Because We Are VERY Organized. 
  • Because We Have The Talent And Brains In The Online Space To Teach What Others Do Not Have. 
  • We Have 12 Years Of Experience Doing So. 
  • We Have All 50 State Groups Set Up So Members Can Meet Each Other And Share The Details Of How The Process Works In Each State.

I'm Not Under Anyone's NDA Like The Telegram Freedom Chat Coaches.

Our Value Is Like No Other Member's Area And You'll Know If Your First Week This Is The Place That Will Help You Reach Your Goals Of Sovereign Liberty.

“When one is deprived of one's liberty, one is right in blaming not so much the man who puts the shackles on as the one who had the power to prevent him, but did not use it.”
― Thucydides

Do Not Enter This Space With Dishonor In Your Heart. You Won't Last Long. This Is A Space For Good People To Do Good Things.

When You Sign Up, You Will Be Asked To Enter A Credit Card But Will Not Be Charged Until 72 Hours From The Moment You Sign Up. 
If Your Card Does Not Authorize For The Fee, You Will Not Be Offered Entry. 

Application To The University Requires A Brief Questionnaire To Be Filled Out For Approval And The Price Is Increasing On October 1st, 2023.